Mediation Fees:

Mediation fees are $100 per hour per party. Mediations are scheduled by the half day or full day.

A half day mediation is $400 per party. If the mediation extends past four hours, there is no charge for the fifth hour, but additional hours are billed at $100 per hour per party.

A full day mediation is $800 per party. If the mediation extends past eight hours, there is no charge for the ninth hour, but additional hours are billed. Full day mediations include lunch at no charge.

Two hour “mini-mediations” may be appropriate in some cases. Please feel free to ask.

Family Law fees:

Barbara’s fee for representation in family law cases is $200 per hour. She bills in tenths of an hour (6 minute increments) rather than in quarter hours (15 minute increments) to help manage costs for her clients. She typically takes a retainer that is held in her Trust Account until the fee is earned. Barbara will discuss the amount of any retainer during your initial consultation.

Pay your fees:

You may pay fees online with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover.

Click the link below to open a secure payment page and complete all the fields. Barbara uses LawPay for credit card payments. Their site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information you provide. Under no circumstances is any of your personal information or financial data shared or distributed in any way with a third party not directly involved in the payment process. The submission of your data is done from secure pages, and the transmission of the data between your computer and the acquiring bank authenticating and approving the payment is encrypted.

Please understand that the submission of payment via this web page does not create an attorney-client relationship unless we have already accepted the engagement either verbally or in writing.

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