Barbara Stroud offers Limited Scope Representation in Divorce and Family Law cases.

More people are currently choosing to represent themselves in the divorce process because of the high cost associated with legal representation. If you are considering this option, Limited Scope Representation may be right for you. Limited Scope Representation allows you to represent yourself but consult with an attorney when necessary during your case.

Limited Scope Representation is also called “Unbundled” legal services or “Unbundling”. It has long been practiced in other parts of the country, but has only recently come to Texas.

With Limited Scope Representation, you maintain responsibility for and control of the process and hire an attorney to perform only certain specific, defined tasks. This allows you to manage the costs of your divorce. You retain the responsibility for all aspects of your case that have not been specifically assigned to your attorney. The responsibilities assigned to your lawyer and the responsibilities that are yours will be clearly listed in a written representation agreement.

Some examples of tasks that you may hire an attorney to perform include:

  • Drafting an original petition for divorce for you to file;
  • Drafting an answer if you have been served with divorce papers (consult an attorney immediately if you have been served with divorce papers or you may lose your rights);
  • Drafting or preparing responses to discovery;
  • Coaching or advising you on your case;
  • Negotiating with your spouse or his or her attorney;
  • Scheduling and/or attending a mediation with you;
  • Drafting the final Decree of Divorce based on your agreement with your spouse;
  • Preparing you for (or attending) the court hearing to ‘prove-up’ and ask the court to enter the final Decree of Divorce.

Limited Scope Representation is not appropriate in all cases. Here are some examples in which Limited Scope Representation may not be appropriate: domestic violence, special needs children, high net worth.

Please call to set up an appointment if you would like to discuss your options, including Limited Scope Representation.

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