Where will the mediation be held?

Mediations are typically held at Barbara’s office in southwest Austin. Click on the Our Facilities page to see a description and photos of Barbara’s office. If it is more convenient for the parties, Barbara can conduct the mediation at one of the attorney’s offices or at a ‘neutral’ location in central Austin, north Austin, San Marcos or other location convenient to the parties.

What kind of information should I submit prior to a mediation?

I encourage the parties to submit as much information as they believe is important for us to understand their case. In litigation, I think this should include the live pleadings, some analysis of disputed facts and the applicable law, and any history of attempts at resolution. All premediation submissions will be treated confidentially. You may find it convenient to use our Mediator's Confidential Information Sheet.

Should I exchange settlement offers before mediation?

I encourage parties to exchange offers before mediation. I find that this allows a more effective use of the mediation time.

What if I need to cancel a mediation?

I request 48 hour notice of cancellation. However, I understand that last minute conflicts can arise. I do not charge a cancellation fee as long as you make reasonable and timely efforts to notify us of the cancellation. You may e-mail us at any hour and may call our office phone number at any hour.

How long does a mediation last?

A half day mediation is usually four hours and a full day mediation is usually eight hours. However, effective mediations can extend beyond the usual length of time. I believe in mediating until there is 1) a settlement or 2) a true impasse, as determined by the mediator. I believe that a mediation should end for no other reason. Therefore, I discourage parties from scheduling other appointments that might conflict with an extended mediation.

The Travis County Local Rule 13.7(b)(4) provides that the “parties shall agree in advance upon the minimum amount of time they will commit to mediation or the parties may agree in advance to place that decision in the hands of the mediator.” I encourage parties to reach these agreements regarding the length of the mediation, even in cases not referred directly by the court. You may find it convenient to use our Agreement Concerning Length Of Mediation.

Are there any rules for mediation?

At the beginning of the mediation, I will ask that you and your client sign and acknowledge the Rules for Mediation. Please feel free to review them in advance by clicking on the blue text.

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