Do you mediate divorce and family law cases?

I do. More than half of the mediations I conduct are family cases. I have experience mediating temporary orders, final orders, modifications and past due child support cases. I have mediated for never-married parents. I have mediated cases involving substance abuse and domestic violence. I have mediated a full range of family law cases- from parties who have just made the decision to divorce; parties in the process of getting their divorce completed; divorced parents who are navigating the difficult issues of co-parenting with their former spouse; and parties who have been long divorced but have unresolved financial issues.

Why should I mediate my divorce?

Most counties require parties to mediate their case before a final hearing unless the judge finds a reason that they do not need to mediate. I highly recommend mediation for divorcing parents. You and your spouse are divorcing each other, but you will always be co-parents. A solution that you both agree upon in the confidential setting of mediation is often more productive to your future as co-parents than a hearing in which both sides publicly criticize their child's other parent.

Why should I choose you to mediate my case?

I consider it a great privilege to help families resolve their conflicts through mediation. My qualities as a patient, calm, and persistent mediator are well-suited to family mediation. I am a parent of two strong-willed teen/pre-teens. I am also a school board member and have spent hundreds of volunteer hours discussing what is in the best interest of the 4000+ children in my school district. Of course, as a mediator I do not presume to tell you what is best for your own children, but my experience gives me the ability to ask thoughtful questions to help you determine how to resolve your conflict while keeping the best interest of your children at the forefront.

Do you mediate divorce and family cases for parties who are not represented by attorneys?

I have mediated for parties who have chosen not to retain attorneys and will do so in certain circumstances. However, a divorce is a complex legal process with long-lasting financial implications to the parties. Even though I am an attorney, as a mediator I cannot give legal advice to the parties. A mediator cannot draft a divorce decree for you because the State Bar of Texas considers this to be legal advice or legal representation. I always advise parties to seek legal consultation. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, the links page of my website has a section called "Access to legal services" which lists resources for obtaining no cost or low cost legal services. If you can afford to hire an attorney, I am happy to provide a referral to family law attorneys in your area.

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